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Support and guidance for Styrian hosts of asylum seekers

The Federal State of Styria wants to sustainably support hosts and asylum seekers at saving energy at their buildings. Besides saving energy cost, the environment benefits from the implemented measures.

The project consists of two major parts. On the one hand, hosts receive an on-site energy consultation, where the buildings and energy saving potentials are analysed and evaluated. The results of evaluation are provided to the hosts for implementing easy measures.

On the other hand, asylum seekers are addressed as well. In bilingual workshops, important topics like energy saving, climate protection and recycling are discussed. The individual user behaviour and its impact on the environment are analysed and suggestions for improvement are made. Multilingual information brochures and posters support an easy understanding of these topics.


Project start: 01.11.2016

Duration: 8 months

Contracting authority: Land Steiermark – Abteilung 15 / FA Energie und Wohnbau