Projects and Publications


Main goal of the project was the evaluation of the use of wind energy in alpine winter sport regions.

Additionally, tourists in the skiing areas of Salztiegl and Lachtal (Styria) were asked about their opinions on wind power stations in alpine regions. Another part of the project was the dissemination of the evaluation results and the organisation of a workshop for ski lift operators for spreading the idea of the use of wind energy in these areas.

Since 2007 the skiing area Salzstiegl operates its own wind energy park for covering a part of the electricity demand. Therefore, an evaluation of the power plant and of the time course of electricity production and demand for an optimized operation was done. Due to this, recommendations and further possible steps were carried out by the authors.

The results of the tourist surveys concerning wind energy in alpine skiing areas were quite benevolent. The majority had a positive opinion about renewable energy sources and thought that it is a good idea to install wind power plants in these areas.

Period: 2008 to 2009

Contracting authority: Bundesministerium für Verkehr, Innovation und Technologie (Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology)

Partner: ecowatt erneuerbare energien gmbh, Fa. Leitner AG, Fa. Leitwind

The final project report in German can be downloaded here.