klimaaktiv Building and Renovation

„Klimaaktiv“ is an initiative for progressive climate protection in Austria.

The main goals of the federal programmes „klimaaktiv“ are the reduction of the CO2 emissions and increased use of renewable energy sources.  Key objective is the implementation of the “Kyoto-Protocol”, the Austrian climate strategy and the strengthening of the market position of renewable technologies and services.

The programme “klima-aktiv building and renovation” implies energy efficiency, ecological quality, comfort and execution quality. Nevertheless, the construction of a new building or the refurbishment of an old one is always a huge challenge.

For an easy comparison of building qualities, the “klimaaktiv”-building standard was introduced. It honors buildings, which meet high buildings requirements related to energy efficiency, used materials, etc.. The proof of reaching these defined standards can be provided from the building planners, architects or property developer.

An instruction for the declaration could be found here.

The Energy Agency Styria is a regional partner of this programme.


Start: 01.01.2011

Website: www.klimaaktiv.at/bauen-sanieren

Contracting authority: BMLFUW - Bundesministerium für Land- und Forstwirtschaft, Umwelt und Wasserwirtschaft

Partners: Österreichische Energieagentur (AEA), ÖGUT – Österreichische Gesellschaft für Umwelt und Technik, pulswerk GmbH, Österreichisches Institut für Bauen und Ökologie GmbH (IBO), Energie- und Umweltagentur NÖ – enu, Forschung Burgenland GmbH, FH OÖ F&E GmbH, Salzburger Institut für Raumordnung und Wohnen (SIR),  Energie Tirol, Energieinstitut Vorarlberg (EIV), AEE – Institut für nachhaltige Technologien (AEE INTEC), Grazer Energieagentur (GEA), Bau. Energie. Umwelt Cluster Niederösterreich (BEUC), e7 Energie Markt Analyse GmbH, Allplan GmbH, ConPlusUltra GmbH