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Quality Management for Heat Pumps

This project ought to have an influence on the quality (efficiency) of heat pumps, used in Styrian family houses.
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It was divided into different work packages, e.g. participation in an Austrian association called “Qualitätsgemeinschaft Erdwärme”, analysis of the actual status on geothermal energy in Styria via surveys, interpretation of results and support of the heat pump owners.

One outcome of this project was that more than 80% of the heat pump owners are satisfied with their choice.  Lack in quality or efficiencies are mostly recognized by high electricity costs or heating issues, only one fifth had access to measurement data.

Nevertheless, the results have shown that there is a big demand for consultations for private persons in Styria, especially if issues appear. 


Period: 2011 to 2015


Contracting Authority: Land Steiermark – Abteilung 15 Energie, Wohnbau, Technik - FA Energie und Wohnbau

Partners: Energieinstitut Vorarlberg, Energie Tirol, energie:bewusst Kärnten