Energy consultations for low-income households

This project supports low-income households at lowering their energy costs.

This offer can be taken by all low-income households in and around Graz. The Energy Agency Styria provides support and helps to lower the energy costs up to € 100 per year with easy measures and without additional costs.

Additionally, a free “energy-saving-package”, consisting of a kettle, switchable outlet and a LED (worth about € 40) is provided.

This campaign is restricted to 100 consultations and supposed to end in December 2016.

The Energy Agency Styria is responsible for the organisation of this campaign. The consultations are done with specially educated and well informed experts from "netEB-Netzwerk Energieberatung”.


Period: 01.01.2015 - 31.12.2016

Contracting authority: Land Steiermark