Energy consulations at fine dust polluted areas

The provincial government of Styria published in 2011 a programme for air pollution control in Styria. Main goal of this programme was the reduction of the particulate matter pollution, especially at and around Graz and Leibnitz.

For supporting the people of the Grazer communities Liebenau, Puntigam and Strassgang at future building refurbishments and for providing information about funding programmes and their heating system, the Energy Agency Styria, former LandesEnergieVerein, was commissioned to organise this consultation campaign. A special focus was set on heating systems and their contribution to the air pollution.

Finally, 71 consultations were done and it could be said that a further step to clean air was taken. 


Period: 2011 to 2013


Contracting authority: Amt der Steiermärkischen Landesregierung, Fachabteilung 13B Bau- und Raumordnung und Fachabteilung 17C – Referat für Luftgüteüberwachung (Federal State of Styria – Department 13B building and regional planning and Department 17C – air quality control)

Partners: netEB – Netzwerk Energieberatung, Rauchfangkehrermeister Fa. Happich Jürgen, Fa. Bernd Jaklitsch und Fa. Ferdinand Ronck