Projects and Publications

BET - BioEnergyTrain

BioEnergyTrain (BET) aims to develop suitable educational programs (university level) to make future students fit for upcoming challenges. This is in line with the SET plan (Strategic Energy Technology) from the European Union.

Two new master curricula will be offered (Biorefinery Engineer; Bioresource ValueChain Manager) at Graz University of Technology (AT) and University of Twente (NL) from winter semester 2017 on.

Beside introduction of these new master programs, establishing a close connection between industry and regions is another major target for BET. This connection will guarantee a practical oriented education for students, working on practical problems already.

Finally a “network-of-networks” shall be established to maintain the connection between universities and regions/communities. Energy Agency Styria is offering its connections and is acting as binding element in Styria for a successful BET implementation at the local and regional level.


Project start: 01.05.2015

Duration: 48 months


Funding authority: Horizon2020/European Commission

Partners: eseia (Coordinator), LNEG - National Laboratory of Energy and Geology, TU Graz, TUHH - Hamburg University of Technology, UL – University of Lublijana, UTBV – Transilvania University of Brasov, University of Twente, BAV – Bergischer Abfallverband, BIO-C – Green Energy Romanian Innovative Biomass Cluster, Green Tech Cluster, ELES – Electricity Transmission System Operator, KIC InnoEnergy, Wood K plus, RIC-BRP Powertrain